At Amilles, we know little things can make a big difference in making everyday experiences special. That’s why we spend time selecting the premium ingredients that go into your food and beverages. Our signature blend coffees are the freshest we can find, and our pastries are baked daily at a local artisan bakery and delivered fresh every morning. Taste the difference that these premium ingredients prepared to order makes. We only use the finest, locally-sourced ingredients available.

Meet Our Partners

Artisan Roasted Coffee

Blackwater Coffee Roasters

Freshness matters. Coffee beans are not like wine; they do not improve with age. We have partnered with Blackwater Coffee Roasters, in our mission to provide the freshest roasted coffee possible. Roasted in EADO fresh every week, they select only the top tier of green bean coffees from regions around the world and roast them locally in their small batch drum roaster. Our beans are then made available within 24 hours of roasting, ensuring the best coffee experience possible.



Baked Fresh Daily

Roland's Swiss Bakery – Baked Fresh Daily

Many national brands use frozen pastries, full of preservatives, in order to have their products taste identical at all times. In our quest to provide the freshest ingredients and pastries, we’ve partnered with Rolands Bakery, a local artisan bakery to deliver fresh hot pastries every morning. All products are handmade daily, using only the finest quality ingredients.

Hormone Free Dairy

Mill King – Hormone Free Dairy

Mill King is a family run farm in McGregor, Texas which has been dairying for three generations. Their milk is pasteurized at a lower temperature for a longer period of time in order to keep good enzymes intact while eliminating any harmful micro-organisms. The result is rich creamy milk, smooth for drinking. At Mill King, the cows are grass-fed and never given artificial hormones to increase milk production. Nor do they add any additional additives or preservative. All the vitamins and goodness are pure natural milk, nothing artificial. Just the way nature intended.


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