About Us
Amilles is a small, family owned business dedicated to offering our guests the finest quality beverages and pastries. Our pastries are made handmade daily by a local artisan bakery. Our coffee is roasted within 24 hours of being served to our guests. Our milk comes from a local, family-run farm that has been in business for three generations. By supporting our fellow locally-owned small businesses, we are able to provide our guests with the freshest products and a premium experience.

About Amille’s Coffee

Hirise Amenities started with a small coffee kiosk sixteen years ago in the Houston Medical Center. Though we were a small family-owned business, our care and dedication was noticed by a national franchise, who then formed a partnership with us. Over the next few years, we expanded to multiple locations throughout Houston – Allen Center, Cullen Center, Fulbright Tower, First City Tower, Williams Tower, Kinder Morgan Tower and Two Shell Plaza.

Few years ago, we switched from our national partner to provide our guests with a more premium, artisanal, and local experience. After the switch, we partnered with Blackwater Coffee Roasters, a local small-batch artisanal coffee roaster to offer fresh coffee that has been roasted the same week, as opposed to being roasted a year ago (which is the case with most national chains).

We also partnered with a local artisan baker who bakes our pastries each morning using all-natural ingredients, as opposed to flash-frozen. Our milk, supplied through a family owned farm in Central Texas, is delivered fresh to us twice a week.

By supporting other locally owned small businesses; we are able to provide our guests with the freshest products and a premium experience. Shouldn’t every morning begin with such an experience?


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